Soccer or football- the basics:

Soccer, or soccer as it is known in the United States and Canada, is a very fun sport of competition. It is the most played sport in the world, with more than 200 million players in approximately 200 countries. Today, it has come to be called "the most beautiful sport" because of its challenging degrees of technical ability, team play and individual contribution to the game. situs bola online

1- Dimensions:
 The pitch must be rectangular.
 Of a length between 90 and 120 meters
 From a length between 45 and 90 meters
 (In international matches the length will be between 100 and 110 meters and the width between 64 and 75)
 In any case, the length should be greater than the width.
2- Field Marking:
 The pitch must be marked according to the attached drawing.
 The lines must be visible and less than 12 cm wide. (Not with a V-shaped groove)
 The longer lines are called band lines and the shorter, goal lines.
 At each corner of the field, a flag with a flagpole (not pointed) of a minimum height of 1'5 meters shall be placed. A similar flag may be placed on each side of the ground at the height of the midfield line, at least one meter apart from the line.
 A median line will be drawn across the width of the terrain.
3- Target Area:
At each end of the terrain and at 5'5 meters from each frame post, two lines perpendicular to the goal line will be marked, which will go 5 5'5 meters into the field of play and join in Its ends by another line parallel to the goal. Each of the two spaces delimited by these lines is called the goal area.
4- Penalty Area:
 At each end of the pitch and 16'5 meters away from each frame post, two lines of 16.5 meters perpendicular to the goal line will be drawn. These two lines will be joined at their ends by another, parallel to the finish line. The area between these lines will be called the penalty area.
 In each criminal area, a point shall be marked visibly, which shall be placed on an imaginary line perpendicular to the goal line at its center, and at a distance of 11 meters from it. This signal will be the penalty execution point.
 Taking as the center the penalty points.
5- Corner Area:
From each corner flag and on the inside of the playing field, four circumferential arcs of the 1-meter radius will be marked.
6- The Goal Posts:
 In the center of each goal line will be placed the frames, formed by two vertical posts, equidistant from the corner flags and separated 7'32 meters from each other (internal measure), joined at their ends by a spar Horizontal whose lower edge will be 2'44 meters above the ground.
 The width and thickness of the posts and transverse stringer shall not exceed 12 cm.
 The posts and the crossbar must have the same width.
 Nets may be attached to the posts, to the stringer, and to the ground behind the frames, and shall be suitably fastened and placed in such a way as not to interfere with the goalkeeper.

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